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Certified Aboriginal Business

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We are 100% locally owned and Certified Aboriginal concrete company in Calgary operating across Western Canada.

Skyline has been growing for over 20 years, not just in size and services, but in the quality of our work, in continuous improvement to our safety program, and in client satisfaction. We offer expertise on concrete projects from light commercial to heavy industrial including vertical concrete, all types of foundations, flatwork, and concrete restoration.

Our expertise with all aspects of concrete from pre-construction to project close means you won’t have to use multiple trades to get the job done. We can manage as much or as little of the concrete scope including excavation, prep, formwork, reinforcement, place and finish for flatworks, all types of foundations and vertical concrete. We welcome the opportunity to work on complex or unusual concrete projects that other contractors may shy away from.

At Skyline, we lead with high employee involvement. This allows us to work as a team to establish and monitor project targets. Front line staff are involved weekly in reporting progress and solving issues and the whole team is rewarded based on the success of your project!

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Our number one priority is sending our workers home safely at the end of the day. Although we believe safety is key to productivity, speed of work will never take precedence over doing the job safely. Every employee is trained and tested on construction safety prior to setting foot on a job site. Our supervisory level receives extensive additional training in Safety Leadership and Supervisory Skills. As testament to our safety culture, Skyline has the highest WCB Experience Rating discount available in the industry.

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We follow standard quality checklists and inspections throughout our scope, including pre- and post-pour inspections. We can also create and manage standard or customized ITPs. If gaps in quality occur, our field staff immediately initiate a Non-Conformance Report to identify the cause, and corrective and preventive actions. NCRs are a learning document shared with the ENTIRE team monthly.

All employees at Skyline are encouraged and have the authority and organizational freedom to identify existing and/or potential quality problems; and to initiate solutions to those problems with the support of top management. Continuous improvement is a Core Value that we live every day.

We are proud members of the following organizations:

Calgary Construction Association
Lean Construction Institute